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Patient Testimonials

I can finally hear and understand the TV at the volume my wife likes. No more watching TV in the other room.

Larry J

I am so glad my Doctor referred me to Dr. Gage. Her staff was friendly and helpful scheduling my appointment and even sending me directions in the mail! She helped me get my old hearing aids fixed and adjusted so I can hear my granddaughter. That is why I moved to Raleigh. I will be back for new aids when these don’t work anymore because she took care of me.

Linda R

I have been seeing Rhea since she was at my ear, nose and throat doctors office more than 25 years ago. I just got my third pair of hearing aids from her and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. I am amazed at these new aids. I can hear so much better.

When my family suggested I get my hearing tested I was worried. The appointment included a full check of my ears and hearing. The good news was it was just wax. I had a repeat test after the wax was removed and I don’t need another test for a year. I highly recommend this office because they were honest, thorough and made the whole experience comfortable

Sonja M

My Mother has been waiting for way too long to get help with her hearing. Dr Gage gave her some options and allowed her to listen to some hearing aids. Mom was smiling when she left the office and so where we! Finally we don’t have to repeat ourselves and we won’t worry when Mom is alone.

Randy F

Dr Gage explained the different types of hearing aids and helped me understand the technologies. I have been to several audiologists over the years and this was the first time my questions were addressed. She even gave me some information to read and the trial period gave me peace of mind. I made the right decision working with Hearing and Audiology Services!

Walter S