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Hearing Solutions

Problems understanding the TV? on the Phone?

Some hearing aids allow the ability to stream audio wirelessly. This improves sound quality by sending the audio speaker signal to both hearing aids. Many options allow you to adjust the volume in your ears without turning the TV up or down in the room or to talk on the phone hands free with ease. (great for people who watch TV late at night or not to disturb others.)

Problems hearing conversation in restaurants or with background noise?

Complex listening requires better automatic control of noise, directing the microphones to the voices through the background and control of soft, normal and loud sounds independently to maintain comfort. Tell us about your listening environments to help find your best hearing solution.

Concerned about a hearing aid that whistles?

Hearing aids have the potential to whistle or squeal if sound leaks from the ear and is reamplified. New technology has improved to help the hearing aid find the problem and control the whistle before it happens. This feedback control will make it easier to hug the family or lean back on the easy chair without that uncomfortable noise.

What Are Options?

Unlike many corporate-owned clinics, Hearing & Audiology Services does not have a conflict of interest when it comes to hearing aid selection. We are dedicated to fitting the right hearing aid to our patient’s individual needs, and this can only be done by being up-to-date on the latest and greatest solutions offered by a wide array of manufacturers.